Saturday, 9 May 2020

Tidying to energise was such a lovely warm sunny day I decided to tidy to energise myself ( often works) and as an excuse to be in our sunniest room with the window open ; but I did do some printing on a different paper and with stronger acrylic colour behind - should work fine - will also look better with lines around the images probably. Found some hidden treasures when tidying which we re-inspiring and also strips of paper from old projects - so have vowed to try and use them all up before I order any more paper - this is the right project for them ....
but still feel nervous and that I should keep stuff in reserve - what if there is now a world paper shortage?? scary thought...I did get some more wood today as I had used up so much....( both sides)(which I will regret as I start printing...when wet ink on both sides)

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