Saturday 6 August 2022

ARTWAVE 2022 - my Open Studio weekends in Con Club Lewes BN7 1XS coming up in September


I shall be showing recent and older work of all kinds at 

Con Club, 139  High Street Lewes BN7 1XS,

(this is not the Conservative Club)

 weekends 11am - 5pm ....3-4 th, 10-11th, 17-18th September     venue 99 -  see brochure online

...this jolly/macabre image from one of my older tarot packs seemed suitable for the brochure/poster but there are lots of new packs now based around the Wasteland theme - plus recent new Dante work, cartoneras, woodcut books of all kinds including more circus booklets, a new printing of The Untenanted Room - last numbers of the edition in progress ( a huge book)  and Oh My Sweet Little Wandering Soul...... ( a tiny one)....   bar and garden should be open from midday.....

some newer stuff below and previous books on older posts.....