Friday 31 May 2019

Lewes Railway Land Summer Festival - Egrets Way Cycle Track Poster

This is to advertise our Lewes Printmakers stand at the Lewes Railway Land Summer Festival - Looking Out 2-5pm Sunday 9th June, 
which in turn is to advertise our Lewes Printmakers Artwave Exhibition the last two weekends of August  (including the bank holiday) in support of the ongoing development of the new cycle track down the side of the river from Lewes to Newhaven. We will be showing work done inspired by the landscape and wildlife along the trail and we are calling it Eye Spy with some suggestions for family spotting expeditions and pointing up places of interest along the way; the birds you might see include the peregrines nesting in the Cliffe chalk cliff, kingfishers on chilly brooks, herons and egrets, and of course Newhaven's iconic cormorant and shags hanging out their wings to dry - if you are really lucky you might even get a glimpse of the seal which swims up to Cliffe Bridge and beyond.....she has even been spotted with a large grey mullet in her mouth....
In August Lewes Printmakers will be joined by a photographer, a jeweller, and two watercolour artists, for a joint show in the undercroft of the Linklater Pavilion - the Jolly Room.
Join us on June 9th for a sneak preview and at 4pm  Myles Jenner will be auctioning 6x6" 'postcards' by local artists and enthusiasts to raise funds for the RLWT.