Wednesday 17 February 2010

Lorca at All Saints Art centre Lewes

On sunday I showed my Lorca pages at Cancion Gitana's 'Celebration of the short tragic life of the Spanish poet Lorca: Lament for Lorca' - a celebration in Flamenco dance, song and guitar It was a wonderful evening -
many thanks to Helena for inviting me to take part in this way.
I think there are more Lorca images if you scroll back on this blog -
and I have made them into cards for the Tom Paine Printing Press shop as people were always asking for a cheaper version of them. There are a few of the original prints left too.

Saturday 6 February 2010


Are you ready for Valentine's Day??
I've made a few of these little theatres and some woodblock printed cards for the shop, based on 17th century emblem books which I find fascinating (the whole information by image as well as word thing).....
The theatres are about 8 X 10 inches and the cards a little larger than playing cards.

I also remembered back to Peggy Angus's 'Art for Love' exhibitions - and thought - I think she would like our shop, and I am sure she would just love the work by Jonny Hannah.
I heard in the week that Ursula Mommens, the potter and great friend of Peggy, had died peacefully in her chair aged 101. I remember talking to her last over a year ago in her house in S Heighton; it was suddenly like being back in the past in a house which smelled like Peggy's and was full of art and simplicity and peace and it made me really miss Peggy - these two women were amazing beacons in my youth in different ways; now that era is really gone.
I see the obits mention that she loved young people - just like Peggy; they both stayed incredibly young at heart always, always interested in what others were doing.
And both making things with their hands until the end.

Monday 1 February 2010

The Legendary Jonny Hannah Show

Here are some pictures from the opening:
(but they all seem to have got squashed somwehow.....)

Its a really fantastic show - it'll warm the cockles of your heart - and we had a great party.
Fred Pipes has been kind enough to put a review on the blog below
Thanks Fred

The show is up for a month - don't miss it.