Tuesday 11 August 2015

Next Up - Lewes ArtWave 2015

I will be opening my studio for Lewes Art Wave   -  it is venue 16 in the brochure
see www.artwavefestival.org

I'll be there weekends ( and Bank Holiday )  22, 23, 29, 30 and 31  August and 5,6 September; if you want to come out of hours just get in touch...normal hours 10am - 5pm
First door on the left as you go in to the
Lewes Constitutional Club
139 High Street

There will be new work in progress - a new book for the Oxford Fine Press Bookfair end of october is on the way
and work centred around a recent book The Alchymical Garden of Thomas Browne ( see previous post for some images )
as well as older prints and books and lots of new cards

if you are weary there is a garden out the back and you can get a drink at the bar!

This image is for Marcus at the Booth Museum who very kindly talked me through how to glue dead butterflies to some twigs for a small installation in a dome - what a wonderful place that museum is.

Sir Thomas Browne ( 1605 -1682) was a wonderful seventeenth century writer, natural philosopher and physician, admired by Virginia Woolf, Sebald, Borges and Marias, and Paul Nash - whose Artists' Book 'Urn Buriall' is a personal favourite of mine . Like Montaigne, Browne lives and writes in that wonderful period - as religious dogmatism starts to crumble but before eighteenth century rationalism develops new straightjackets of its own - when the inquiring mind can soar through imagined space and time  making its own stories about how we might observe and fathom out the world and its infinite possibilities, 'moral and intellectual mazes' as his new biographer puts it....
His gloriously elaborate language is a joy and he is responsible for introducing and composing more new words into the english language than any other single person. I greatly recommend Hugh Aldersey Williams new book about him, the Adventures of Thomas Browne in the 21st Century - i hope it introduces him to a new audience.

Next Up - Lewes ArtWave