Monday 31 October 2016

The Spaces in Between

I've just been on Rocket Radio talking about the publication and launch of our new Lewes Printmakers Book....

                                                             image by Cynthia Eraut

Lewes Printmakers Printmaking Demonstration Event and Book Launch

3pm  - Sunday 27th November   -  Linklater Pavilion , Railway Lane, Lewes

refreshments available – teas, coffee, cakes

We will be exhibiting the original hand-made and printed copy of our book, made up of all the original prints, alongside launching our limited edition copies of the new publication, available for sale at £12.

The Spaces In Between is a communal project, the work of eighteen local artists. It comprises a set of twenty-six individual print reproductions in a folder, and an integral sixteen-page booklet with description and notes for each print. It’s the ninth in our series of publications about Lewes – the last three including Railway Land and Ouse: the Sussex River and The Battle of Lewes.

 Left is Charlotte Matthews
St John sub castro churchyard - very suitable for hallowe'en

right is Simon Wood's view down a twitten

below Miki Brightmore's
Woodruffe's Yard

The book is available now in the Tom Paine Printing Press shop
151 High Street, Lewes....

This book celebrates wild spaces and unexpected vistas around Lewes as it changes, increasingly rapidly. Change can be exciting; it can jolt us out of well-worn ruts and
encourage a spirit of optimism, but it is not reactionary to make a positive case for the importance of some wild and fallow space to be left in the centre of the busy towns
for the unexpected to happen - for an impromptu event, a sudden encounter with wildlife, for a space to take a minute to relax and recover equilibrium, and just enjoy the wonderful glimpses of the countryside. This is a book about our less well-considered and ever-changing gaps,
and a celebration of our beautiful twittens*.

*It was Peter Linklater of course who wrote the forward to the Friends of Lewes survey of Lewes twittens in 1991.

We will talk briefly about the subject and why we chose it, and show the printing blocks – wood, lino, collograph and drypoint plates, and demonstrate how we make and print the images.

Lewes Printmakers’ Books are a not-for-profit enterprise, supported by seed money from the Town Council, and our home has been for the last few years the exciting space of the Linklater Pavilion. Free entry or small voluntary donation to this event, in support of the Linklater’s future projects.

Friday 7 October 2016

Autumn resolutions

I suppose one of my new resolutions is to put up things on my blog more frequently - so here as an opportunity is the publication of the new issue of the London Magazine with a detail from one of my images of a woodpecker on the cover - which they have done very nicely - it is always exciting to see a new take on one your own images (as long as it turns out ok!)...

This time last two years ago ( how time passes) they used my Rook from Who killed Cock Robin....
perhaps I should try and keep up an autumnal sequence of slightly melancholy birds...although autumn - I love it - makes me feel even more creative.....
Am working on too many projects to itemise, even more so after a wonderful trip to Sicily with churches like stage-sets, marionettes galore and processions in the street with fireworks, lights and doves...manna to the heart of a girl from a Bonfire this space.....