Tuesday, 26 May 2020

A trip to the outside world

If listening to news from the outside world has seemed distanced and unreal it is now becoming a complete farce, a daily sit-com evoking horror and grim hilarity in equal portions.
I decided to venture out today on P's monthly trip-round-the-block-to-keep-the-car-going, and to get a glimpse of what it was like around town (quiet) and before venturing down to my studio to look for some prints for someone, armed with gloves, a scarf for emergencies, and large bag for garnered treasures. It was so nice to be back in there, and perfectly secure once I had navigated the high street - and it felt good to break out from our bubble before we get completely stuck in our ways.....adjust my poor longsighted eyes to a farther horizon....

otherwise I was drawing up blocks all day, after a series of debates - wanting to do more, not liking my drawings, do the sets really need more? yes actually the do look livelier and more coherent with the additions this morning, and 22 cards ( the grand arcana) is a good system to adhere to anyway, and some of these ideas MAY work and provide more story etc etc
and anyway any left over can be part of a new set and join a few others discarded along the way as they didn't fit in, good to have a few spares...it is like introducing new puppies or kittens to an existing household of animals - gently gently and be prepared for some spats along the way - it might all settle down...

and it is lovely working upstairs on drawing and cutting in this amazing hot sunny weather.
lovely also to have had some new stuff delivered and not be rubbing out pencil  on old bits of tracing paper  (and re-using rather manky backs of old woodblocks) - a roll of paper too rather than A4 sheets that wasted strips - I am frugal by nature anyway but I use so much paper I owe it to the planet to be economical.

....some roughs printed at the weekend, some of which may end up elsewhere.....the really tarot set maybe, including Fortitude, and the Magician - with all the hands and the rabbit but no hat...

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