Saturday 28 March 2009

ps - a link to a Lorca site of special beauty
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Apologies to my commenters

I have now realised I should actually check whether anyone has commented on my blog - am being made aware that people actually look and read it, and also found out how to reply! is there any end to my technological capabilities.....
so many apologies and thanks to those nice people who have tried to get in touch - check out the comments bits now, and I'll try to do better in future....

Thursday 26 March 2009

Next round of Venues

I have been very remiss about keeping this up to date.
BABE - the Artists Book Fair at the Arnolfini, is almost upon us.
As usual I have been busy keeping my head above water printing up older work and books for orders, while chafing at wanting to get on with new; trying to run the two in tandem AND try and tidy up a bit and improve my working space. The litho press is going to have to go; if you want one , get in touch.

BABE is at the Anolfini in Bristol, 4th and 5th April 10-5pm both days
I'll be showing the new books I finished in January.

Then I am also showing work in the Brighton Festival, from the 24th April - 24th May
- at weekends at 3 Surrenden Road ( 7 at 3) Open House
and also in Selectors Choice at the Regency Town House
www.brightonfestival.orgfor further details and times.

I have posted up above some images from And Other Fairy Tales - I'm afraid they will read in back to front order as I always forget that is how they upload, so if you like your stories logical, start from the bottom, but as half of them are missing it doesn't really matter. The strange thing about this book was that I made all the right hand images ( reduction cuts - no going back ) before I found my text, an anonymous folk song/tale - it just fitted so perfectly. And of course there is a cross over of a kind with the Falcon Bride.