Wednesday 22 February 2012

Pallant House Untenanted Room talk

Steven O'Brien, editor of the London Magazine, has written a lovely report on the evening, which was very well attended by a very sympathetic audience - many thanks to all who came....
and many thanks to Steven for a truly poetic response.

We hope to plan another session in Hastings in May for the Green Fuse exhibition.

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Works on Paper Fair

Sorry about the lack of a good image before the fair - here are two to show I made it.
A big thank you to everyone who came and talked, and for all the lovely snippits of information, contact suggestions, links to Hungarian fairy tale films, offers of exhibitions and sales.
It was a really enjoyable fair.
The saturday night snow was pretty and just exciting enough at midnight on saturday without completely stopping us getting home ( it always seems to snow for the WOPF )- congratulations to those who still made it up on sunday...

There should be a petition to the Science Museum to continue showing the grand Columbian Press ( see picture ) that we exhibit next to , and all its mates behind the white panels; they are all being moved into store by next year apparently.
Its crazy not to continue showing the history of printing technology in our premier museum - I don't know how many people we described its workings to from the passing public who were excited by it, its a beautiful machine and a great part of beginning a conversation about what we do and how.

Hope to see some people at the Pallant House talk next week - see previous post.