Friday 1 April 2022

New Fools For April Fools Day

 I have been updating my Fool Gets Sick tarot card pack.... have been trying to post up all day but the broadband has only just come back on..... top image includes some of the older ones, bottom image the new ones so far...

 I came back from Oxford exhausted and we had to sort out a new computer so all behind as usual but I hope to post up an Oxford fair stand image soon and post up about the next fair - BABE at UWE in Bristol ( please note not at Arnolfini this year).... it looks an exciting international group of stands this year and spacious new venue....          check out updates at 

Book Arts (

I will also update all my tarot packs as I do them - I have new ideas for the images and how to present them.....including a grand quadruple pack of all the Wasteland sets of Earth Air Fire and Water........see previous posts for rationale of this covid lockdown project......

I hope to have some sets to show and sell at BABE....

as well as Dante work , Ship of Fools etc 

BABE – Bristol Artist’s Book Event at Bower Ashton, UK

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April 2022

11am – 5pm each day #BABEatBower