Saturday 18 September 2010


As promised - some images so far - still in a state of flux, colours and designs may vary..........
this must be one of the most fascinating but creepy rhymes in the canon; interesting how so many people I speak to think they know it, but then some assure me the 'bull' must be a bullfinch 'because they are all birds'..... in fact there is a fly, a beetle and a fish apart from the bull.....

Friday 17 September 2010

Whitechapel Art Book Fair

Am busy preparing for this - slowed down by an attack of tendonitis (the woodcutters curse - sounds like a new Grimm story coming on...)
It will be lovely to see as many people as possible at the fair - print off invite or rsvp to Whitechapel.

I'm still working on Who Killed Cock Robin - will try and take some pics tomorrow and post up very soon.

correction to term printing dates - first one is now SUNDAY 24th october, not saturday 23rd