Sunday 14 April 2013

BABE at the Arnolfini, Bristol

BABE 2013: Bristol Artists Book Event

Saturday 20 April 2013 to Sunday 21 April 2013, 11:00 to 17:00

BABE is back and bigger than ever for 2013. Spread over 3 floors more than 80 artist bookmakers, dealers and small presses from Bristol and around the world will come together at Arnolfini to show and sell their work.
With: Karoline Rerrie , Mandy Brannan, Elizabeth Willow, Ensixteen Editions, p’s & q’s Press, Alex Pritchard, whnicPRESS, Essence Press, Pet Galerie Press, Daily Twit, Moon & Stars Press Andi McGarry/Sun, LemonMelon, Katriona Chapman (Tomatito Press), Karen Joyce, Caseroom Press, Robert Ridley-Shackleton, Charlotte Hall/Eccentric Horace, CafĂ© Royal Books, Mark Pawson, Index Press, Jill Carter, Battenburg Press , The Sidney Nolan Trust book artists, Cally Barker, Otto, M COLLECTIVE, Edition MailWorks@Bruxelles, Coffee Club Collective, Ambeck Design, , Maddy Pethick, Ros Blackmore/covet & whistle, Revolve:R, reassemble, Benedict Phillips , Charlotte Vallance Illustration & Design, Liver & Lights: Another Manifesto, Impact Press, Carolyn Trant - Parvenu Press, Ciara Healy, MBAG, Drawing & Image Making UCLan, Redfoxpress & Antic Ham, Sarah Bryant, Atlantic Press, KALEID editions, Bristol ABC - Artists' Books Club at UWE, Jane Cradock-Watson, UWE Bristol Graphic Design Department, LOAf, AMBruno: Books in dialogue., Umbrella, HGmakes BABE provides a relaxed and friendly space to meet and chat to artists about their work and buy works of art. Prices start from just a few pounds. Across the weekend there will be a number of performances, interventions and informal talks. Open until 6pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.
For pre-bookable Workshops and Book Surgeries, please call Arnolfini Box Office on 0117 917 2300.

I will be exhibiting here as usual at the weekend ; I'm late posting due to a nasty two week virus...

...which also stopped me making another Boccaccio book for the fair, but I have put some pictures up anyway - the first one will be exhibited at the Rylands Library in Manchester in July as part of the exhibitions and conferences to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Boccaccio's birth this year.

Caccia di Diana - Diana's Hunt, was Boccaccio's first book written around 1333-4 when he was about 20 years old.
It is quite playful and related to stories by Ovid; I was attracted by the mysterious figure of the stag, who, unlike Actaeon, survives, and his 'lady', not named but probably 'Fiametta', little flame.
The plot is thus - the narrator sees the goddess Diana bathing and sends her nymphs out to the four quarters of the world to hunt roebuck, boar, lion and unicorn. Then a posse of Neapolitan noblewomen rush in to hunt, crashing through the woods chasing and killing all manner of beasts including a family of snakes. On the advice of a mysterious 'fair lady' they pile their trophies on a sacrificial fire dedicated to Venus, from which they spring transformed into beautiful young men, who running through a river emerge mantled in vermillion.
As a final twist the narrator, who we now learn was actually a stag all along, is similarly transformed and offered to the 'fairest lady'.

I shall have lots of other little books...hope to see you there........see more on

Two weeks later I will be at Turn the Page in Norwich - see details under NEWS on my website