Sunday 26 April 2009

Next Event ; Brighton Festival


Selectors’ Choice, part of the new
visual arts festival HOUSE, is an
exhibition showcasing the work
of selected artists participating in the
2009 Artists Open Houses festival.


The Regency Town House
13 Brunswick Square

Saturday 25th April
to Sunday 24th May
12 – 6pm

I can't get Blogger to upload the nice flier I have advertising this event; so above are the bald details. I went to the PV last week and it is a really nice show and a wonderful venue; so I am very pleased to have work exhibited there.
I hope they have the flier image on the rth site.

I also have work in an Open House, number 31 in the Independent section of the Open House brochure - 7 at 3
3 Surrenden Road (opposite the Park View where Surrenden Road meets Preston Drove)
every weekend during the Festival, which runs from 2 May until 24th May.
I won't be there all the time so if you particularly want to see me, get in touch.
I'll be showing prints, including some from my new books, and smaller books and cards.

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Back from BABE - 2

Have just spent a happy hour following up all the blogs and website of people I met at the BookFair; many of whom are much quicker off the mark than me.
already have a report posted up with pictures, including one of my stand ( or part of it ) which is really nice of them. Chien is tutoring a new course in Book Arts at Birmingham; I loved ( and bought some of ) his little folded books and students Jat and Charlotte had some amazing book structures and nice things.
This communal blog is full of useful links to other Book Fairs, images and ideas for how to do things; and even a video of how to make a simple book on the Shepherd's ( the Bookbinders and Paper Sellers ) link; scroll around and see what you can find - any of my students who are reading this blog!

There were lots of good points of contact with East London Printmakers
and I hope to visit next time I am in Hackney.
I hope Wuon-Gean Ho, who works there, might come and give a master class in Japanese water based wood block printing to my group at the Paddock sometime; I could do it once but have forgotton the fine detail.

I really liked Australian artist/illustrator - Elizabeth Barnett's new books - etched and one of them with cut aways like a theatre book

I guess people can see I like the theatrical book, so I was told to google Luci Gorell-Barnes.

I met Eleanor Glover, who has taught at West Dean, and have googled her work and love the 3D and calligraphy - I can see why we had a rapport...

and talked to a collagraph teacher from Bath
she has a link to the William Blake celebratory book I have been curious to see.

There were many other conversations with old friends and new; there are never enough sales to make ends meet at these fairs but it is these contacts and exchanges that make it worthwhile.

On the way home we stayed with an old friend in Wells; in fact she taught me ceramics a long time ago
she gave me a wonderful tray of type, so I am off to play with that now....

Monday 6 April 2009

Back from BABE

Just back from BABE at Bristol, a happy event and lots of nice new contacts made. I'll be consulting my notebook and probably adding some links to this blog soon......


this image is one I have done for my printmaking group - Paddock Printmakers - new book about Tom Paine in Lewes for the Festival celebrating 200 years since his death ( should we be celebrating his death? doesn't seem right, but any excuse for festivities.......)
go to
to get an update to what is happening
and further details about my group ( very different from my own usual stuff )
The Festival runs from 4th July to the 14th July - two revolutionary dates - but our exhibition at Pelham House runs through most of July and August.
There should be a link to the Tom Paine Festival on that site too

The small anteroom in Westgate Chapel is my favourite room in Lewes; it is right next to the Bull House where Tom Paine lived for 6 years, and you can still almost breathe 18th century air in it; it is very peaceful and you can feel it calming you down. I wanted to try and make a woodcut of the air!
He was a non-conformist and took his wedding vows here , but they had to be repeated in the established church over the road - St Michaels - to be legal.
Anyway - you will soon be able to read all about it in our book - with digital reproductions of about 25 of the group's prints ( woodcuts, lino, collagraphs and drypoints ); if you want to reserve a copy , let me know before we go to print in May, as we only print a very limited edition and they sell fast; you can leave comments/ask price , on the Paddock Prints blogsite.