Saturday, 23 May 2020

A Full Spread to date

I woke up feeling exhausted and with more bone-ache than usual so decided it was time to have a day taking it easy, the printing has been fairly relentless to get a couple sets of ten done in a day. I spread all those done so far over the table to have an idea of what they all looked like together and where to go next - I felt I was down to last tricky blocks with no great excitement to print the next. I started doing test prints of them in various different colours still left mixed and will look at them again tomorrow - I have to get used to some of them as they disturb the skin of the equilibrium  - which can be good or bad or lead to future progress.....or not.
I have them in two putative sets but may shuffle and make new ones - try putting all the trees together and all the fools together, or try making two smaller sets and the beginning of a third, either way think about some new images to draw up and cut where I can see gaps or imbalance in the story; if I am still ache-y tomorrow that will be a nice gentle thing to do - brain ache but not arm ache...

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