Friday, 8 May 2020


I can feel a terrible ennui setting in but I started hand colouring in a few trial prints today - couldn't find my nicer watercolours so all a bit faint and feeble, but a start; I will try on a different paper tomorrow and paint some stronger acrylic paint underneath before I print maybe. They are quite different from the tarot set I was cutting before so I am pussyfooting around the feel of them; they will look different trimmed to a smaller margin and I could try a line margin so they look more like playing cards - or go for a different effect entirely.

Started playing with a few other images too from a different set, all a bit of a mish mash - just have to work my way through them in different trial ways until I see what happens best - so many to work on at once but fiddling with each one gives ideas for the next.
Did some cleaning to try and energise myself - it is sometimes part of the process and helps my subconscious to sort stuff out; but I sense other friends getting this lock-down ennui - the sense of losing track of the days - messing with bank holidays doesn't help even tho they are now a bit meaningless anyway, if the bank holiday is now a Friday my brain gives up, what happened to bank holiday Mayday Monday.

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