Friday 27 October 2017

Designing Graphics on the Medieval Page/ Designing English - Bodleian Library

Today I received a beautiful invitation to the PV of the Bodleian Library's new exhibition starting on December 1st ....see my post earlier in the year when I went to a workshop looking at medieval hand-written books. The book I subsequently made has been shortlisted and chosen to be included - hopefully exhibited in the flesh if not digitally, I think the display arrangements may still being finalised...
My post for March 24th under BABE Arnolfini has images from the Bodleian study day and other details - I should have given it its own heading....( it has been a busy year )
and see the images below for the exhibition details or look up on the Bodleian Library's own site...

[revisit the post Women in Print  -20th september post - as well for details of the symposium/study day in Sheffield accompanying the Rav&Co exhibition...coming up soon - 24th November]

Here is a taster of my piece, called
The Wise Woman's Girdle Book 
maybe I will post images of it opened up nearer the time - it is very small when closed up and lives in a little soft leather bag that can be worn on a belt....opens up in various positions to a large spread...

Designing English
1 December 2017 — 22 April 2018
ST Lee Gallery, Weston Library (Map)
Weston Library Information desk 01865 277094

Graphics on the medieval page

This exhibition will illustrate the graphic design of handwritten
manuscripts and inscriptions for the first thousand years of
English, across the Middle Ages.
Showcasing the Bodleian Library's rich holdings of medieval
manuscripts in English, ranging from Old English picture books
or notes scratched into herbals, through fragments of medieval
songs scribbled on spare pages, to masterpieces framed with
illustrations and gold, or new page designs for practical tasks,
such as manuals for handling swans. It will cover the experiences
of both the makers and the users of writing: how craftspeople
planned and made books, and how readers responded to their
To show the likeness to modern craft, Designing English will be
shown for the first two months alongside
Redesigning the medieval book:
a display of contemporary book arts inspired by the exhibition,
through a workshop and competition.
We asked over a hundred contemporary book artists to redesign
the medieval book - the best of these will be on display in
Blackwell Hall and three winning entries will be announced.

Monday 16 October 2017

Ink Paper Print - after the fair

I think it can be said it was a resounding success - over 1800 visitors were recorded coming through the doors and it certainly felt extremely busy from a minute to 11am until closing time ; there were four really good talks ( by James Russell, Jonny Hannah, Alan Powers and Emma Mason ) on offer in the new auditorium at Towner and lots of people made a day of it. Hopefully it might be a regular fixture. The weather and the trains ( more or less for a sunday) were kind and there was a really lovely atmosphere and buzz and some excellent things tucked away on the stands - it was just a question of getting near enough to let the dog see the rabbit.

I was very happy to buy a small but exquisite little watercolour of a decorated elephant by Denise Hoyle, one of the Bardfield painters, from the stand next to me - not much time to browse further afield as a continuous stream of lovely customers and old and new friends passing by.  Kind patrons not only purchased but brought me presents, both comestible and literary. Bought some lovely Harold  Jones wood engraving Christmas cards from Judd Street Papers; there is always good stuff on Neil Jennings Fine Art, and Emma Mason, lovely goodies on Design for Today, and just managed to to get a good look at the last minute at some fascinating watercolours by Kathleen Hale ( better known as the Orlando the Marmalade cat lady - but also a very good artist before, and after, the cat took over ) on the Michael Parkin Fine Art stand at very reasonable prices. I've been writing about Kathleen in my book about Women Painters but you'll have to wait another year to read it...

A copy of my new book Some Light Remains has gone off to the British Library so you can ask to see that in due course...thank you to them...

Conversations with visitors are always interesting and a couple told me they had recently managed to buy one of my very early ( 1976 ) woodcuts printed Japanese style with rice paste and pigment, The Tree of Life in a Lewes flea market. It would be interesting to know its history of how it got there - at least it didn't go in the bin! and is now very well loved, carefully restored and remounted and hangs over their bed. I was very touched by this story; they had looked me up online and come to introduce themselves; sobering to know I really exist out there; and really lovely to talk to them. I wonder where all my other paintings and prints over the years travel around and end up, how many survive .....

I just remembered to take a pic of my stand at the very last minute (when no-one in front of it) - so it looks a bit rumpled! ( not to say blurry in low res - a bit how I felt by 4.30) I didn't have time to take a picture of the wonderful Jonny Hannah and Sharon driving away in their Cakes and Ale Press painted taxi which had been parked outside the gallery all through the show - I had my hands full of bags and managed a wave but not a pic....

next time....
here's to it - many thanks Joe Pearson Design for Today and Tim Mainstone...and Towner, for a fun day....

Saturday 14 October 2017

Towner Print, Artists Book and Illustration fair tomorrow Sunday 15th October

I'm exhibiting my books and prints here and it looks a really good fair - hope to see everyone there........11am - 4.30pm    FREE