Friday 24 February 2017

New Year Update

I have been meaning to write a post and the arrival of our local Linklater Wildlife Trust newsletter prompted me to post this - click on the link and go to page 7 to see an update on our Spaces in Between book and a talk I gave before Christmas very kindly  put in by John Parry.

Lewes Printmakers are currently fired up by thinking about our next book which will focus on Lewes Trees ( seem to be too many of them suddenly and inexplicably disappearing recently...) - we have some wonderful old trees, some with historical associations, such as those in Grange Gardens which once belonged to John Evelyn

In the same email batch was the good news that our local fight to prevent the Old Turkish Baths - a historic Lewes Building associated with George Gilbert Scott - has so far been saved from being yet another Italian restaurant -(I mean how much more pizza can Lewes folk eat ?) with the council splendidly agreeing to looking into it becoming more of a much needed community space.

I am in the final throes of  writing my book about women artists - to be published next year - more details of this due course, and have two big artist book projects on the go for the rest of the year.
Again pictures in due course and some details of talks related to the women  later in the spring and summer - watch this space....