Friday 25 February 2011

February News

I have just finally finished the black and white images for the small Agenda Edition of James Simpsons poems The Untenanted Room, based around our ongoing large Artists Book - Perceval. It proved surprisingly difficult working small and knowing the images were for digital reproduction - I nearly lost my nerve at one point ; it brought up so many issues about how I rely on a very painterly way of working, but James is a brilliant collaborationist ( if there is such a word...)
I'm longing to do the big version now , meanwhile I can suddenly see how I can turn this small set of images into a 3D carrousel book...........
Went to the fantastic production of Parsifal at ENO last week with the kind assistance of John Tomlinson - what an amazing Gurnemantz he is.

Meanwhile I am back trying to finish Who Killed Cock Robin for a string of shows coming up, defintiely for BABE at the Arnolfini end of April. I have started thinking about pop-up versions, how to do 'All the Birds of the Air' and a good version for exhibition display.

I taught another bookmaking/paper manipulation class last week and had great bunch of people; one of them, Sonia Crivello, has written up a piece about it on her interesting blog - see
I love doing these classes because I have far too many ideas and interests to cope with and I love watching other people taking the ideas and running with them. It syphons off some of the frustration I feel not having time to do more myself.