Friday 12 December 2008

And Other Fairy Tales - New work for the Work on Paper Fair

here are a few images of finished pages of the new book I hope to have finished for the Work on Paper Fair at the beginnign of February
nb I see it is to be held at the Flower Cellars, not Sellers! - new venue anyway...

I shall have to finish it now;
they are woodcuts using a new type of wood and a new paper ( size of page is 12 X 16 inches ) and I am overprinting and trying to work in a free and dangerous way.
it has a good ferocious text too.....

Thursday 4 December 2008

SIX - Open House at 6 Clifton Street Brighton

I shall be showing books and prints at 6 Clifton Street Brighton, just near the Station, as part of the Christmas Open House Trail, for the first two weekends of December - 12 midday until 6.
Sorry - don't seem to be able to upload the flier!
After that
as part of 'Covered' at the Work on Paper Fair, The Flower Sellers, Covent Garden ( the old Theatre Museum )at the beginning of February - 5th-8th.
More details later.....