Friday, 29 September 2023

Wonder at Fitzroy

 My Wonder Box exhibited at Fitzroy House - an old Gilbert Scott private lending library - is an extension of my Window of Wonder in the High Street - see previous post....

It is called The Untenanted Room - from The Little Bookshop at the end of the World...and it invites the viewer to consider further the whole idea of cabinets of Curiosities in 2023. We are now in a crisis - being reminded that we are just part of the natural world, not onlookers viewing, and collecting, displaying  curiosities to be marvelled at, consumables to be collected.

We are part of a marvellous universe that is all around us if we know how and where to look, but which is in dire need of protecting and being encouraged to flourish,

My box celebrates the beauty of decay - a natural part of the life-cycle - whilst reflecting on the emptying of the living world, the dessicating effect of numbering and categorising of all parts of it - including us, people, tribes of all kinds... with old photographs of dead specimens papering the outside of the box.

The texts are from a long poem sequence The Untenanted Room by James Simpson, with whom I have worked for the last 20 years on many Artists Book projects. 

The exhibition is open weekends from 12 - 4 from 30th September until Saturday 28th October

Wednesday, 30 August 2023

Wonder Windows

.... here are some fabulous photos of my window and setting up alongside Emma Carlow in the next bay...taken by Catherine Benson for the press release and the project

@catherinebensonphoto      thanks Catherine!

Friday, 18 August 2023



This year I am opening my studio again for Lewes Art Wave , with usual studio clear out and new bargains surfacing, plus lots of cartoneras and prints

first three weekends of September - 10.30- 5pm, disabled access, (bar in afternoons from 2.30 and lovely garden)
CON CLUB 139 High Street Lewes BN7 1XS
( I love that excess)

I am also exhibiting in a shop window - the right-hand window of the old Sussex Stationers at the top of School Hill. no 34 and 35 - on the corner with Walwers Lane; this window used to be full of books so it is great to be showing my Artists Books there as a Window of Wonder in an installation of ecological books, a bit of a trip down memory lane, with texts from poems by James Simpson from our last nearly twenty years of collaborations.
This will be up throughout September and up to 28 October

And I will also be contributing a WonderBox to the event at 
Fitzroy House - 10 High Street Lewes, in the precinct 
- I hope you can read the poster above but look up 
for more information

Thursday, 20 April 2023



I shall be showing at this great fair all weekend 10.30- 4.30 -hope to see you there....

40 stands of  different kinds of printed material....always a good one...... I shall be showing Cartoneras, Tarot card packs and books, woodcut prints and much else.......

Next up in May - I shall be at the ARTWORKERS GUILD Queens Square London  WC 1 N 3AT

more details nearer the time......

Here below is a picture taken by  the organiser of my books at the talk James Simpson and I gave at Pallant House last week which was very fully attended and great fun....

Sunday, 12 February 2023

New Year New Projects and Fairs; Pallant House - updated 3rd April

This post was updated on 3rd April!

Pages in progress from new updated Map of Lost Cuckoos cartoneras, some of which are exhibited in the new exhibition at Pallant House in the Print Room this weekend and on until the end of April - see link....

Poet James Simpson and I are also giving a talk  - Map of Lost Cuckoos - there on April 13th about our collaborations and my cartoneras - see further link .....

I WILL be exhibiting books and prints at the Ink Paper and Print Fair at Towner 22/23 April 

and definitely showing new work and giving a talk about my cartonera work at The ArtWorkers Guild in London Craft Week weekend 12/14 May The Art of Making .... and giving a talk about cartoneras at 1pm on the Saturday

Meanwhile currently finishing some very big books I have been working on for 5 years...time they were all done...nearly there......

There is an article about my Tarot cards in the December /January edition of the London Magazine and one coming out about my cartoneras in the Spring edition of ROSA Magazine coming out next month.

Sunday, 16 October 2022

Bonfire of Vanities - work in progress

Just back from dismantling this display of my cartoneras  and cartonera Dante's, with these quick sheets of first proofs for a new cartonera Bonfire of Vanities.... images based around Savonarola, Manegna's Virtus Combusta, more recent times with Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project and Paul Klee's Angel of History - Angelus Novus
Hopefully this new cartonera will be ready in time to show and sell at the Linklater Pavilion on November 12th at the Railway and Trust's Green Christmas Fair 
-Sadly I forgot to take installation shots at Fitzroy Housejuggling too many things at once as usual