Monday 18 February 2013


I feel a little at this angle after the long flight, but amazing to look down on the less inhabited places of the world, and particularly exciting to fly back through the Northern Lights - wow.
Thank you to Dmitry for this picture and the next couple - it was great to meet more of the Russian contingent.

The fair was dauntingly huge - 180 stands this year and far too little time for the exhibitors to get round and see everything, especially as our customers arrived on the bus with us too, but it was a really beautiful building and in a stunning position too - an old Ford factory on the edge of the Bay at Craneway, Richmond.
Amazing light and magic to see ships suddenly sailing majestically past the windows; and the sun shone in a blue sky every day of our trip - just a slight seafog rising up for a time on one day.

There was a huge number of visitors every day despite the off the track location, both locals and collectors and librarians from all over the States - they even managed to fly out from the blizzarded East Coast by a variety of circuitous means ( the fair is timed as a February treat for the East Coasters, who are also en route to the San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair ).....
quite a challenge attracting attention among so many!

But even the dogs seemed to be ardent booklovers...

We also enjoyed meeting some of the USA contributors to the Al Mutannabbi street project, and the inspirational Beau Soleil who started it, at an inaugural exhibition of some of the books  from it at the new premises for the San Francisco Centre for the Book - many thanks for the hospitality and meal to Sas Coleby and all the staff there.
read about the project on the link here
and you can see my books for the project on my website

Saturday 2 February 2013

The Website is Now Live!

The website is now live!

Some spaces are still blank but will be added to as the week progresses or in due course.

with images of recent books -PLEASE SEE PREVIOUS POST ABOUT CODEX Book Fair.