Sunday 16 October 2022

Bonfire of Vanities - work in progress

Just back from dismantling this display of my cartoneras  and cartonera Dante's, with these quick sheets of first proofs for a new cartonera Bonfire of Vanities.... images based around Savonarola, Manegna's Virtus Combusta, more recent times with Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project and Paul Klee's Angel of History - Angelus Novus
Hopefully this new cartonera will be ready in time to show and sell at the Linklater Pavilion on November 12th at the Railway and Trust's Green Christmas Fair 
-Sadly I forgot to take installation shots at Fitzroy Housejuggling too many things at once as usual


Saturday 6 August 2022

ARTWAVE 2022 - my Open Studio weekends in Con Club Lewes BN7 1XS coming up in September


I shall be showing recent and older work of all kinds at 

Con Club, 139  High Street Lewes BN7 1XS,

(this is not the Conservative Club)

 weekends 11am - 5pm ....3-4 th, 10-11th, 17-18th September     venue 99 -  see brochure online

...this jolly/macabre image from one of my older tarot packs seemed suitable for the brochure/poster but there are lots of new packs now based around the Wasteland theme - plus recent new Dante work, cartoneras, woodcut books of all kinds including more circus booklets, a new printing of The Untenanted Room - last numbers of the edition in progress ( a huge book)  and Oh My Sweet Little Wandering Soul...... ( a tiny one)....   bar and garden should be open from midday.....

some newer stuff below and previous books on older posts.....

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Next Stop: Turn The Page Artists Book Fair Norwich Friday 27th Saturday 28th May

Click the Link for details of this - one of my favourite book fairs - in the Atrium of the central library in central Norwich...lovely light airy space and always very high quality work in a beautiful city.

See post below for pictures and I will add more of any new work here before I set off..... 

New mini Circus Concertina book...... 12 images in this one plus title page, damp off the press....

Wednesday 11 May 2022

Pics for AWG London Craft Week and Turn the Page Norwich fairs.....

Sets all packeted up in little folders and card packs backed with lovely handmade Himalayan papers....


New little books ... now finished - Animula Vagula Blandula - Oh My Sweet Little Wandering Soul -  22 images to meditate upon, all backed and in little folders tied with red silk ribbon..... like Life after Life, a roller-coaster ride