Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Sick Fool

I spent the morning making drawings for more cards - I am beginning to see more images I need; only one printed satisfactorily today - the cutting marks make him look pockmarked like Grunewald's flagellated Christ but that's ok. I need to do more cutting on the other couple of blocks I tried as well, and even so they may look better in a third set with more obviously tarot-like emblematic images - or else I haven't found the right colouring for them yet, often it works straight away but if it doesn't it seems hard to readjust; or they may look better printed over newspapers as palimpsests.
It was a beautiful warm sunny day which made me want to work in a sunny room with the window open rather than in the basement, and also tidy up a bit.

The graveyard walk seems to get harder work up and down but it may be just the height of the plantain, rye grass and marguerite daisies wrapping themselves round my ankles; the elder is in flower now too looking very creamy - always something new to notice - a yellow leaved holly tree today in flower with white clusters like the carol.... but they have started mowing around the graves again bit by bit - all flesh is grass as the Straw Bear said, earning himself a place in my pack....
A young man parking his car asked if I was alive - overdosed on Gisele obviously - I said I was but that I only came out at dusk.....

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