Saturday 13 March 2021

Fool Gets Sick

 Apologies for long gap in posting - this fool didn't get sick but I did have a rather strong reaction to my first jab which knocked me out a bit and set off my ME for a while, plus it has been dreary old February and the weather was enough to make anyone feel tired, but signs of Spring are cheering on the warm days now and I am jolly glad to have been jabbed, and I have been working steadily mostly but its not been  good light to be taking photos of stuff and I kept thinking - I will just wait until I get the next book finished.....and then getting side-tracked by starting a new one --- 

I will show the progress report on Fool Gets Sick currently being editioned and the finished first concertina copy of the Little Circus in the Forest - and save the other finished new book for another post when I have covered and photo-ed it.