Saturday, 25 April 2020

Still cutting

I think my reluctance to commit to printing is partly because I am worried about my finite paper supply and the ethics and etiquettes of ordering more - so am waiting to feel sure and prioritise my various projects....also when I am on a creative roll I tend to go with it and just keep cutting - printing is creative too but in a different more energetic is also good for getting warm so I am saving it for grey, cool basement days to come.

So today here I have been cutting more on earlier fool blocks, and more fool/tree playing card images suddenly coming to me, also more blocks for the Fool Gets Sick cover - lettering etc - plenty to do over a sunny weekend.
I feel nervous venturing out as covid creeps closer up our road and the graveyard is like Piccadilly Circus on sunny days and hard not to bump into or talk to neighbours - viral malaise has been the bane of my life so I really don't want this virus even if my dodgy lungs survived it.
I've cut a happy Spring tarot card  - my flocks of nesting sparrows continue to entrance and cheer ....

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