Saturday 27 August 2011


Last night was the opening of Lewes ArtWave and we had a private view for our wonderful new show of Jonny Hannah's work and some letterpress work by John from Flowers and Fleurons

Here is a quick round up of photos

This is the hardcore at the end of the show - some of the Lewes Printmakers group.
Previously we were spilling out onto the pavement as the sun finally shone.

There is a real cornucopia of brilliant stuff, propped, hanging from washing lines and framed on the walls and a great range of prices from posters at £2-5 and original drawings at £20 up to painted wooden panels and handpaintedframed work maximum £450 - come and be amazed.

Jonny and Peter Chasseaud, proprietor, discuss some last minute details.

Tom Paine would approve.

Don't forget Lewes Printmakers show next weekend at the Linklater Pavilion - we are the very first entry in the ArtWave brochure - poster for that to follow shortly ....
and photos next weekend....

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