Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Linklater Pavilion Print Show

Lewes Printmakers
- my printmaking group - had a really good weekend last week in our opening weekend in Lewes ArtWave, in the lovely new Linklater Pavilion.
We must have had around 500 visitors, saturday was non-stop busy, so I gave up counting and there was not much of a lull even on the rainy sunday. I was up there early on sunday morning to watch the results of the moth hunt and capture from the night before with my young nephew - fascinating, some really delicate beauties.
We have a lot of good wildlife images in the show and our next book is going to be about the river and its ecology, the Railway Land and the Pavilion.
But we also have a good variety of other images which we have been selling off the walls.

Next weekend is the last weekend to get along - we'll be opening at 10 as there are other events happening on the site as well so should be a good weekend and the forecast is for the sun to shine.

You can see some images by clicking onto our Lewes Printmakers website

I just found the article by The Argus newspaper about the festival and found some 'comments' by myself from a telephone conversation with a reporter who rang me up ( I do wish they wouldn't use quote marks - but it more or less gives a rough impression of what I tried to say...)which echo the comment of the organiser Angie Osborne "...who suggests it is this interaction between differing artists that sees the festival grow in popularity each year.

“We attract some people who are completely professional and who earn a good living from their work. By taking part they support other artists,” she says.

“They’ll be in an open house with people who have maybe only just started, so it comes full-circle. It’s a really good mix and it’s not ego based. It’s about getting good, diverse, across-the-board creativity.”

Some venues also offer visitors the chanceto peek behind the curtain and see the processes involved in the creation of artworks and exhibited pieces.

The Lewes Printmakers, formerly the Paddock Printmakers, based in the Linklater Pavilion, is one such space.

“Our group is geared toward people who make prints about Lewes. We sell those prints and also demonstrate how they are done, using wood, lino and other recycled materials such as cardboard, packaging and junk,” explains Carolyn Trant, one of a number of artists involved in the collective.

“The group are all-comers – some are incredibly professional, while some have only been doing it for a short time. This isn’t posh art for posh people, it’s very good art for everybody. We’re making it accessible to allow people to see and understand how it is done.”

We don't just make prints about Lewes but that is a good basis for our communal projects which give an inspiration support for those who are at more of a loss as to where to begin and inspire others to try things they may not attempt otherwise and surprise themselves.

We have had a nice tweet from the organisation below which we are grateful for - I've just checked out their site and they sound really interesting...

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