Thursday, 25 January 2007

An Artist's Book

You are about to go on a Winter Journey.

Winterreise was a book I finished creating in 2005 but am still printing - just doing a couple of new copies for the Art on Paper show next week ( see below ). It is my dialogue with Schubert, based on his song cycle, a parallel text.
My words are hand written on transparent Japanese paper over fragments of Wilhelm Mueller's poems, hand -cut from card as a collagraph; these poems Schubert himself called 'songs to make your hair stand on end' - they are printed first in German and then in the translation by William Mann.
Peel back the layers and you reach the images, the colours of which have a hallucinatory glare. I wanted a combination of beauty and anguish; a tribute to Schubert's life cut short by a tragically early death.
The covers are made with hand-made card, embossed like an iced cake. The book looks delicate in format but the images inside are strong dark tableaux through the ice.
It's an irregular 12" X 17" in size; there's an exposed spine binding on tapes with decorated stitching.

The images were posted up for me by my dearly beloved and fellow book artist ( see his blog site on ) ( or indeed both of us together on fellow artist site )
- we are learning as we go!
so to see the images in the correct order scroll now to the bottom of them and work your way back up!!
I'm back to work on new books
more about these later.....

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