Monday, 5 February 2007

After the 'Work on Paper Fair'

Welcome to the blog to all the people who took my cards at the Work on Paper Fair; I hope you have enjoyed seeing Winterreise again in the small images below.
You will have to bear with me - I will get some more books up on the site soon but after a busy 5 days I'm exhausted, still dealing with ongoing business from the Fair, and new books are calling, in fact positively screaming, with more deadlines approaching; but I'll get there eventually....and you may even get a picture of us at the Fair if someone sends me a picture - we forgot our camera.

The Fair was well worth doing because it introduced a whole lot of new people to the concept of Artists Books; and we always meet such nice people at these Fairs ( its always good for morale when people like what you do!)
Even if, in fact especially if, people can't afford to buy them, at least the work has been seen and is out there in the group consciousness somewhere.
And even tho I whimper that I would really rather be at home in my burrow making more books, getting some feedback as to whether what I am trying to say makes sense, and is in fact communicating to even just a few people, makes it all worthwhile.

We hope we will do it again next year, but we shall see; watch this space for information. Once I've worked out how to do it I'll put links to the sites of the other bookmakers in our 'Covered' section.

Meanwhile back to work finishing books for people who ordered them. Feeling a bit schizophrenic still - people seemed to divide my work into two categories and some like only one side or the other - jokey/serious; colourful/monochrome; light/dark; - to me it is all part of the same thing and the same me ( and us ). Isn't it? Discuss.

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