Saturday 22 August 2020

Half Way hooray

    Blogging early this week as I  know the next couple of images are going to take longer as I will have to  re-adjust them to fit and follow these 3 now that I am printing them as little books as well as playing cards   - can't change the order as they fit the poems..... 

So we have cards 9, 10 and 11: poem and image 9 introduce Fire and number 10 - the circus Strong Man...he stands like a lumberjack but in his tiger suit, the decapitated head in front of him, what a hero, has he just cut down enough trees to destroy habitat or actually shot the beast. Poem 10 ends - Let in only those who love, the mollycoddlers and embracers, those who absent-mindedly lift a hair from your shoulder. 

Poem 11 says - we have let the tree bleed too long, slaked and gutted    so I have introduced here the Strong Woman standing in front of a plank of a tree - it takes a different kind of strength to stand calm while flaming knives are thrown towards you and aim to pin your shape to the tree.   

This image is half way through the cycle so helps me feel the beginning of the end is in sight ; I am so looking forward to finishing so that I can do them again in a different and darker way ( to say nothing of the drypoint idea) - this is one of the reasons they are taking so long to do as I keep getting new ideas to keep a note of but I cant work on as I go along or it will ruin the blocks for finishing this edition.

And already it is feeling autumnal - the walks in the woods feel suddenly very different, evenings noticeably drawing in, loads of luscious blackberries, and yellow leaves dropped and carpeting the brown forest floor so that the whole wood is glowing; I suppose the drought has contributed to the early leaf drop, and now the strong winds....                                                                  

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