Sunday 16 August 2020

Circus poems/images 6-9

  In the first image - no.6  - the poet talks of smoke stained tenements and a woman with stripes across her back like a tiger in a silent room... my tenement has a circus poster and people in the street below.

In image no 7 our poor planet hangs like a party globe upon the world tree, weeping/bleeding from its five wounds - fire , drought, famine, pollution, plague and more......the poet says...'neon strobes the bedroom ceiling, the city's traffic is perpetual'      ...he wants us to return to the forest at night but there are snares - he assures the tiger they were not set by us.........  

In image 8  he talks of.... 'the noise of helicopters shaking the dead in their graves' but my circus image is of a woman being sawn in half - she is associated with the trees as she lies on her plank, part of the forest - where the noise of destruction is terrible and there is an ominous sulphurous coloured sky; her blood drains into the ground.  

Poem 9 again associates   the woman with the tree and the forest is on fire; circus tents are very prone to catching fire and in my image all the animals are fleeing the forest blaze, leaping forward like a picture on a circus poster that we saw on image 6.                                                                                                                                         

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