Sunday, 18 October 2020

Update on new sets of Circus prints

            Having finished the set as playing cards I have been experimenting further....I think these are improving – tho there is still a way to go with some of them... they are getting more dramatic and primal but also easier on the eye en masse or in book form.

I think the set needs some quite simple ones to rest the eye too...
they look paler in the photo and  look richer in the real....
I will plough on with more cutting and finish set then re-evaluate and rethink/moderate where necessary
They tend to come up slightly different each time way they are done but may settle if I did a small run, just doing 3-4 experiments of each one so far....
once I’ve done the set I can see how they need to work together and adjust colour if necessary
the paper cockles because of hand painting first – I hope they will press down once the ink is dry 

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