Friday, 1 December 2017

Guest Blogger for British Library Poetry blog

My post has just gone live at

Workshops, Websites and belly-worms was a hard act to follow......but I am very honoured to have been invited....

Meanwhile - just back from the Bodleian show PV yesterday, now open from today....
with an exciting display in the glass case of contemporary work in the entrance hall of the Weston Library; the exhibition of medieval books is a stunning and interesting collection; it is open now until 22 April 2018 - well worth a visit

Sue Doggatt won the first prize - her book is right in the middle of the picture

and Paul Johnson, who was teaching bookbinding at the course at Schumacher College where James Simpson and I first met, won third with his wonderful rendering of the tale of the Wife of Bath shown above.
The  view across towards the Bodleian Library looked pretty good too.....

What a week - the Women in Print Symposium in Sheffield was a joy; six talks centred around Love and Friendship alongside the Rav&Co exhibition at the Millenium Gallery it was inspiring and uplifting, lovely fellow speakers and a real sharing of research and ideas.
Women discussed included Peggy Angus and Tirzah Garwood, Enid Marx and Barron and Larcher, Ethel Mairet and Hilary Bourne, and Mary Hope Greg.
Sheffield looked lovely and was very welcoming - some wonderful artworks in the Graves nearby, there is a Ruskin room in the new Millenium Gallery, a Christmas market and bright golden angels in the lovely wooden cathedral roof with a green man and a sheila-na-gig; still a handsome city.

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