Monday 3 September 2007

The Falcon Bride

Apologies for lack of information updates re The Falcon Bride – last week my back finally gave way at a most inconsiderate time so am still trying to get mobile again; may get it taped up today which could be an interesting installation in itself…..
Sitting at computers is certainly bad news
But the show will go on , the pieces are garnered in but the Piece is still in a creative state of flux, as it should be; nothing is fixed until Friday night, and even then……….
You will make of it what you will


Andrew Eason said...

Here's hoping you'll find time to reward yourself when it's all ready!

All the best, Andrew E.

Jessticle said...

Hi, i came with the A2 art students from lewes on monday and being polish i think you interpreted the polish 'feel' very well.

They are cold over there and really supressed, i said thank you to supermarket workers and it made their day. It's hard to get a smile over there and have a conversation with someone. So thank you very much for having me, was nice to see someone elaborate on the harsh reality of poland through a real art experience.

Jess Turk.

carolyn trant said...

Thanks for that Jess - I was really curious to know how someone Polish reacted to it - would love to discuss further....