Sunday, 21 March 2010

Pictures from an exhibition

The new carnivalesque show opened at our Press gallery this afternoon.
I finished making some little books and theatres a few minutes before the PV and was still stuffing new hand-printed woodcut cards in ( hand-made) envelopes as people arrived
You can see the concertina book opened out on the bottom shelf in the window and one of the theatres on the top shelf, more clearly in the second photo

Apart from walls full of prints by myself ( the sepia coloured drypoints ) we had linocuts and monoprints by Walter Bachinski from Shanty Bay press and wood and linocuts and collagraphs by Sarah Young..
( see their websites in previous posting)

and as a complete change we had a magnificent selection of old toys games and puppet theatres and puppets to sell from a private collection - great fun and great graphics.
The last of the Carnival boxes I made after a visit to the Munich toy and puppet museum fitted in quite nicely - you can see them to the right of the second to last picture...

The show will be up for another month until the end of April.

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