Tuesday, 6 February 2007

I promised links and here they are...
the addresses we have for the friends we were exhibiting with at the Art on Paper Fair are

which will also lead you to their website


should also contain a link to the Fine Press Book Association website page
members now include a variety of makers and printers

Although I call myself a press ( it helps when ordering vast quantities of materials from people who aren't used to enquiries from individuals!), I really consider myself a maker of Artists Books.
I have come to this art form from the route of being a painter and a printmaker, and still want to be called just an Artist; but I love keeping company with any other makers of things and admire all sorts of skills. I hate putting people into categories. We know what we are.
It was good putting our sort of books back into Art at the Fair, as just works on paper, made in lots of different ways.

When I was a very little girl this was what I always said I was going to do.
Soon I'll try and add my CV and see how the route waivered....

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